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All Courses Currently in Session. Winter Session begins in January.

Courses Now Available - Fall 2020

    • Primetime Courses with Loyd Auerbach

      • Introduction to Parapsychology (8 weeks)
        with Loyd Auerbach, M.S.
        Wednesday, September 23rd - November 11th
        8:00pm - 9:30pm Eastern Time
        $199 (Tuition Reduced!)

        This unique eight week course will be broadcast live on Wednesday evenings, but many students choose to watch the recordings of the classes if they cannot attend them live.

        ProfParanormalsmIn this course students will be introduced to the topics that are studied by professional parapsychologists. Topics will include an overview of the phenomena (Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Precognition, Psychokinesis, and Survival Issues), history, research methodologies and researchers that make up the vibrant field of scientific parapsychology. The course textbook is Introduction to Parapsychology, 5th edition by Harvey Irwin and Carline Watt. Besides the weekly class broadcasts, there is an online discussion forum for students to share their ideas, answer questions about the lectures, and communicate with the instructors.

        Students who choose to be graded in this course will receive letter grades based on their participation in the weekly discussion forums, and their scores on two multiple choice/short answer essay tests given in weeks 4 and week 8. Students who complete this course with a passing grade will receive a certificate of completion from the Rhine Education Center.


      • NDEImage01Paranthropology: A Cultural Approach to Psi (8 weeks)
        with Loyd Auerbach, M.S.
        Monday: September 21st - November 9th
         8:00pm - 9:30pm Eastern Time
        Tuition: $199 (Tuition Reduced!)

        This is a Seminar course that will involve live student interaction and discussion. Enrollment is limited!

        How do native cultures view psi phenomena?

        How do culture-based beliefs and folklore around healing and psychokinesis differ between places like China, Mexico, and the Australian Outback? Why are seers and clairvoyants accepted in some cultures but shunned by others, modern culture included? How are culture-bound/religion-bound magic, witchcraft, and sorcery beliefs related to psychic abilities and experiences?

        This 8-week academic course will be a high level overview of the ideas and beliefs of psychic experiences, the human mind and spirit, and related areas (life after death, reincarnation, etc.) as those beliefs have been “seen” by anthropologists and parapsychologists around the world.


      • Psychic Dreaming (4 weeks)
        with Loyd Auerbach, MS
        Tuesday, October 13th - November 3rd (New dates)
        8:00pm - 9:30pm Eastern Time
        Tuition: $99

        GhostMomDreams provoke mystery and curiosity as we ponder the workings of our unconscious mind. Some dreams are fun and exciting or even frightening or confusing. Other dreams have a special, unique quality that gives the dreamer a strong sense of meaning, and even other dreams seem to be a source of communication or a peek into events in the future.

        Psychic dreams are recorded in cultures through the ages, but what exactly are they and are they real? How do people experience them, and is there a way to encourage yourself to have psychic dreams?

        In this 4 week continuing education course, Professor Loyd Auerbach will provide an in-depth look at dreams and dreaming in general and specifically how psychic information and abilities manifest in the dream state. The course will consider out-of-body experiences in the dream state, apparitional visitations, clairvoyant dreams, past-life dreams, telepathic/mutual dreaming and the most prevalent form of psychic dreaming, precognitive dreams We take a look at methods of working with dreams in order to further discover and influence your own psi-filled dreaming, and also look at the Lucid Dreaming state and how one might use it to enhance psi even in the waking state.


Winter Session Begins in January.


Courses offered by the Rhine Education Center are designed as professional courses to provide education in Parapsychology. Students are able to participate in weekly discussion forums and progress is evaluated throughout the courses.

Many courses are strictly for informational purposes, but some courses can be applied to certificate programs offered by the Rhine Education Center.  Though not an accredited institution, the Rhine Education Center provides a professional educational opportunity for students.

Classes are broadcast once a week, but they are also recorded if you are not able to attend the live broadcast.  You can watch the recordings and post in the forums at your convenience.

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