Courses Offered by the Rhine Education Center

Academically Oriented Courses

Each of the academically oriented courses listed below are eight (8) week courses. Many of these courses may qualify as part of a Certificate Program. In order for a course to qualify for a certificate program, the course must be taken for a grade, and the student must post a passing grade for the course.

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  1. Introduction to Parapsychology
    This survey course covers the basics of parapsychology including the topics addressed by parapsychology, the history of parapsychology, and the role of parapsychology in the sciences. Additional topics may include psi in different cultures, skeptical issues in psi, the theories behind psi phenomena, and the special ethical issues that occur in psi research.

  2. A Scientific Approach to ESP (was Science of ESP)
    This course will define the phenomena and experiences related to Extrasensory Perception (ESP) and provide an in-depth study of the current and historical evidence and research of Telepathy, Clairvoyance, and Precognition.  The differences and similarities between these categories of psi experience/abilites will be discussed as well as an overview of what has been learned about psychological and physical variables and theories and models of ESP. Some of the basic topics related to Remote Viewing and applications of ESP will also be introduced to the class.

  3. Dreams and Altered States of Consciousness
    This course will examine altered states of consciousness including meditation, hypnosis, and drug induced states. In addition, dreams and dream research will be examined in detail.

  4. Energy Healing & Psychokinesis
    Psychokinesis can take many forms including spoon bending and the manipulation of electronic devices. This course will examine the historical and current evidence of psychokinesis. In addition, the different methods of energetic healing will be examined in detail including a review of the research studies of healing energies. Is energy healing PK? – A theoretical outline.

  5. Human Consciousnes and Survival Studies
    This course will review the characteristics of Near Death Experiences (NDEs), Out of Body Experiences (OBEs), and after death communication and examine the current research that is occurring in this area. It will include qualitative investigations, laboratory studies, of the effects of these experiences on individuals, and counselling efforts that have been used to help people with these experiences.

  6. Research Methods (for Parapsychology)
    Parapsychology requires the use of detailed and specific research methods. This course will examine the standard research methods used in parapsychology including the review of both quantitative and qualitative methods. In addition, the language of research will be used in reports summarizing the different characteristics of research studies.

  7. Quantitative Research
    Quantitative research is used in the laboratory to provide a structure for the examination of different phenomena studied in parapsychology. This course will examine quantitative methods in detail through the reading and evaluation of research articles.

  8. Qualitative Research
    Many of the reports of psi experiences have not been captured in the laboratory. Some events cannot easily been studied outside of their natural environments. In these situations, qualitative research methods are more appropriate to conduct a study. This course will examine the methods used to collect qualitative data, analyze the data, and report on the data. This course will involve the review of qualitative studies and an evaluation of the quality of the study methods and reporting.

  9. Introduction to Analysis Methods
    Statistical analysis is a necessary component to any quantitative research. This course will use SPSS software to introduce basic statistical method and analysis tools. Introductory level statistics will be used including the normal curve, descriptive statistics, standard deviation, variance, t-tests, ANOVA, and chi-squared analysis

  10. Exploring Exceptional Experiences
    What types of experiences do people report? Who reports them? What are some of the theories behind some of these experiences? How are these experiences evaluated and investigated?

  11. A Cultural Approach to Psi: Paranthropology
    Psi related events have been reported for hundreds of years in many cultures. This course will examine psi from a cultural perspective including faith healings, shamanistic practices, eastern medicine and chi, and divination techniques

  12. A Skeptical Approach to Parapsychology
    Parapsychology has been criticized since the first attempt to critically examine psi phenomena. From examinations of early spiritualists to the introduction of current psi challenges, skeptics have played an active role in the progress of psi. This course will discuss parapsychology from a skeptical perspective including an evaluation of how skeptics have helped and hindered the progress of the science.

  13. Psychology and Psi
    Introduction to Transpersonal Psychology. Personality and individual differences. The psychology of psi experiencers. Psychology and the psi researcher.

  14. Create Your Own Study

Courses Offered by the Rhine Education Center

Additional Academically Oriented Courses and Seminars

These additional courses provide an academic exploration of selected topics while focusing on some shorter courses or courses that study a specific topic in great detail.  Some of these courses are eight (8) week courses, but most are four (4) week courses.

Many of these courses may qualify as part of a Certificate Program. In order for a course to qualify for a certificate program, the course must be taken for a grade, and the student must post a passing grade for the course.

  1. Inside the Rhine Lab: The Early Years (4 weeks)

  2. Reincarnation: Religious and Scientific Perspectives (8 weeks)

  3. Paranormal in American Culture:
    From Film & TV to Popular Literature & Comics
    (8 weeks)

  4. Remote Viewing (4 weeks)

  5. Presentiment: Exploring the Nature and Theories of Time (4 weeks)

  6. Field Investigation: Hauntings, Apparitions, and Poltergeists (8 weeks)

  7. Advanced Field Investigations (Field Investigations II)

  8. The People of Parapsychology (8 weeks)
    Individual classes examining the lives and works of J.B. Rhine, Dean Radin, Russell Targ, and many more.

  9. Parapsychology: The early years I (pre-1880) (4 weeks)
  10. Telepathy, Mediums, Apparitions: The Beginnings of Parapsychology as a Science (4 weeks)
  11. Parapsychology: The early years III (1930 - 1985) (4 weeks)
  12. Modern Parapsychology (1985 - present) (4 weeks)

  13. Theories of Psi (8 weeks)
    Including First Sight, Decision Augmentation Theory, the Decline Effect, Quantum Theory, and more.
  14. Eight (8) Important Studies in Parapsychology (8 weeks)
    This eight week course examines a different research study each week focusing on studies that expanded the scope of the field or made great strides in advancing the science.
  15. Survey Methodology: Creating and Evaluating Surveys (8 weeks)
  16. Complete A Parapsychological Research Study

Certificate Programs Offered by the Rhine Education Center

About the Certificate Programs

The Rhine Education Center offers certificates to students who successfully complete programs in the study of parapsychology. Each certificate requires the completion of specific courses. In order for a course to be applied to a certificate program, the course must be taken for a grade.

Students who wish to complete a certificate program must apply for the program by sending an email to Review the academic policies for more details on how to apply for a certificate program from the Rhine Education Center.  All courses taken to complete a certificate program must be taken for a grade, and the student must specifically request that their progress is evaluated for a grade ineach course.

Not all courses can be applied to a certificate program.  It is the responsibility of the student to verify that the courses that are taken comply with the requirements for a certificate and that appropriate courses are being taken for a grade.

NOTE: The Rhine Education Center is not an accredited academic organization. The certificates offered are provided as a record of completion of the course programs from the Rhine, but they cannot be applied to a program in an accredited institution without the specific agreement of such an accredited institution.

Listing of Available Certificate Programs

  1. Introduction to Parapsychology Certificate of Completion
    Complete the course Introduction to Parapsychology with a passing grade.

  2. Academic Parapsychology Certificate
    Complete all 14 courses in the Academic Parapsychology Course Listing with 3 additional electives from the Additional Academic Course Listing.

  3. Advanced Academic Parapsychology Certificate
    Complete 24 courses in the Academic Parapsychology Course Listing and the Additional Academic Course Listing including the completion of a Parapsychological Research Study.

  4. Parapsychology Research Certificate
    Introduction to Parapsychology
    - Research Methods for Parapsychology
    - Quantitative Research Methods
    - Qualitative Research Methods
    - Introduction to Statistical Methods
    - Create your own study
    - 2 additional electives from the Academic Parapsychology Course Listing.

  5. History of Parapsychology Certificate (Currently Inactive)
    Introduction to Parapsychology
    - Inside the Rhine Lab: The Early Years
    - Parapsychology: The Early Years (I & III)
    - Telepathy, Mediums, Apparitions: The Beginnings of Parapsychology as a Science

    - Modern Parapsychology
    - People of Parapsychology

  6. Knowledge of Psi Phenomena Certificate
    - Introduction to Parapsychology
    - A Scientific Approach to ESP (was Science of ESP)
    - Dreams & Altered States of Consciousness
    - Psychokinesis and Healing
    - Human Consciousness and Survival Studies
    - Exploring Exceptional Human Experiences

Courses Offered by the Rhine Education Center

Continuing Education and Seminar Courses
The courses listed below are provided for students who have an interest in parapsychology but who may not wish to participate in a certificate program.  These courses are professionally prepared and presented, but that are not currently included in any of the certificate programs offered by the Rhine Education Center.  Some of these courses are eight (8) week courses, but most are four (4) week courses.

  1. Dreams and ESP (4 weeks)

  2. Paranormal Phenomena: EVP, ITC, and Other Technologies used to investigate the Paranormal (4 weeks)

  3. Psi in Movies, TV, and Literature: What is Real? (4 weeks)

  4. Experiencing the Exceptional & Extraordinary (4 weeks)

  5. The Role of Evolution in the Development of Psi (4 weeks)

  6. Programs at the Rhine - including video and audio presentations of previous programs at the Rhine (2 weeks)
  7. Developing Your Intuition (4 weeks)
    This course utilizes scientific discoveries and a grounding in research to help the students to develop their own intuition skills.  This course involves discussions and practice sessions.

  8. Theosophy: Theory, Practice, and Scientific Impacts (4 weeks)

  9. Traveling Out of the Body: A Practical and Historical Perspective (4 weeks)
  10. Religious Perspectives on Psi Phenomena (4 weeks)
    This course will explore how different religions view psi phenomena, paranormal experiences, and exceptional human abilities.  How have religions understood these events historically, and how are they integrated into their religious practices.

  11. Premonitions: A Peek Into the Future (4 weeks)

  12. Quantum Physics and Psi (4 weeks)

  13. Choosing a Psychic (4 weeks)
    What to look for in a psychic and what to avoid (from a critical perspective).
  14. Classic Books of Parapsychology (4 weeks)
  15. Overview of the History of Parapsychology (4 weeks)


Courses Currently Available for Registration

Courses Beginning September: Fall 2014

Courses Beginning January: Winter 2015

Course schedule subject to change based on enrollment and instuctor availability.

Other Courses Offered


Courses offered by the Rhine Education Center are designed as professional courses to provide education in Parapsychology. Students are able to participate in weekly discussion forums and progress is evaluated throughout the courses.

Many courses are strictly for informational purposes, but some courses can be applied to certificate programs offered by the Rhine Education Center.  Though not an accredited institution, the Rhine Education Center provides a professional educational opportunity for students.

Classes are broadcast once a week, but they are also recorded if you are not able to attend the live broadcast.  You can watch the recordings and post in the forums at your convenience.

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